About Us

Green Neighbor is a group of residents in and near Wauwatosa, WI seeking to promote sustainable living. We encourage individuals and families to make green choices themselves, and to connect with and support their neighbors in going green too.

The term “Green Neighbor” comes from a program of the City of Austin, Texas. The group has its roots in several other organizations, including the Wauwatosa Village Neighborhood Association, the Sierra Club – Great Waters group, and the City of Wauwatosa Sustainability Committee.

We believe in:

  • Strengthening local communities, “thinking globally, acting neighborly”.
  • Bringing people who live nearby together to support each other in living more “green”.
  • Taking seriously the information from scientists about climate change and other impacts we have on the Earth.
  • Finding ways to enrich our lives and build joyful connections even as we live more responsibly.

Our mission:

To empower people to live a sustainable life, a life that reduces their environmental footprint, creates community and supports the local economy action through interactive education.

Green Neighbor yard sign