Small Steps for a Cleaner World


On August 29th, 2023, Wauwatosa Girl Scout Ella Bartkowski took a giant step toward her Gold Award (similar to Eagle Scout), smoothly orchestrating a 25-person event in the library’s Firefly room. Her project focuses on personal actions people can take to help with climate change and other environmental problems. The presentation follows on work Ella has already done creating posters and a website, and leading kids in a group activity on her topic.

It was an honor to be Ella’s advisor. I was so impressed with her ease at the podium and the care she took as she facilitated conversation with the audience. As she noted, climate change can bring up emotions, and she handled the topic in a very sensitive and upbeat way. And so many ideas for sustainable living (like beeswax sandwich wrappers)!

I presented for a few minutes. As promised, here are my slides:

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