22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day – 4/22/22


A Milwaukee-centric list. Enjoy!

  1. Hug a tree. Of course. (Here’s how they do it in Lapland).
  2. Take a hike – Milwaukee County has some hidden gems.
  3. Take a hike with a sign and friends and chanting – 4/22, Milwaukee Earth Day March!
  4. Take a hike with signs and bikes and kids – 4/23, Tosa Kids Earth Day Parade!
  5. Take Action with Citizens’ Climate Lobby.
  6. Clean up a river 4/23 with Milwaukee Riverkeeper. (I’ll be at Hart Park).
  7. Eat out vegan. There are so many choices!
  8. Recycle some electronics 4/23.
  9. Mend those pants.
  10. Make some laundry soap.
  11. Plant something.
  12. Help other people plant something.
  13. Get free stuff to save energy and water.
  14. Try riding the bus.
  15. Get a bike or fix one at a local bike shop or DreamBikes.
  16. Check out electric cars on MIT’s cool carboncounter.com.
  17. Find and slay the vampire (appliances). The Wauwatosa Library has a Kill-a-Watt meter at the adult reference desk.
  18. Schedule a home energy audit.
  19. Start an EcoChallenge.
  20. Sign up for clean electricity with We Energies or Arcadia.
  21. Put your reusable bags where you’ll actually remember them when you’re at the store.
  22. Breath the air, drink some water, look up at the sky, and say a little thank-you for this great Earth we’ve got.


  1. Thank you, Mike, for a great list. I’m hoping to make it through the whole list before the end of the month.

  2. If we all do a little, which turns out to be more than planned once we get the ‘momentum’, it’ll end up being a LOT! Thank you Mike, great ideas 🙂

  3. Mike what a wonderful list, thanks so much for putting it together, and including the parade, it is full of hope!

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